Lee Horsley and Lynda Carter star in “Hawkeye” on ACE Television


Hawkeye (also referred to as Hawkeye: The First Frontier) is a television series based on characters from the Leatherstocking Tales, a set of novels written by James Fenimore Cooper. The series takes place in 1755 Hudson Valley, New York during the French and Indian War. It follows the main character, Natty Bumppo (Lee Horsley), his Native American companion Chingachgook (Rodney A. Grant), English trading post owner Elizabeth Shields (Lynda Carter) and other people stationed at or living in the vicinity of Fort Bennington.


Lee Horsley as Hawkeye (Natty Bumppo), Lynda Carter as Elizabeth Shields, Duncan Fraser as Colonel Munro, Dave “Squatch” Ward as Sam Rodney, A. Grant as Chingachgook, Garwin Sanford as Captain Taylor Shields, Lochlyn Munro as McKinney, Jed Rees as Peevey

Show Time on ACE:

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