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The cast of the television show Acapulco HEAT showing on ACE Television Network

Acapulco H.E.A.T.

Led by Ashley Hunter-Coddington (Catherine Oxenberg), a former MI6 operative, and Mike Savage (Brendan Kelly), a former CIA agent, the H.E.A.T. members fight international terrorism

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Dennis Booker, who once worked for a large metropolitan police department, is now hired by the US office of a large Japanese company to investigate

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Cold Squad

Sgt. Ali McCormick and her Vancouver Police colleagues in the department’s Homicide Division investigate new leads into previously unsolved cases as part of the titular

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Gerry “Fitz” Fitzgerald is an unconventional but brilliant psychologist, an insulting, nosy, loathsome individual. To be able to pay the bills, he gives lectures at

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The cast of the television show Forensic Factor showing on ACE Television Network

Forensic Factor

Forensic Factor is a Canadian television series which takes a documentary look at forensic techniques and their application in crime-solving.

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Hawkeye (also referred to as Hawkeye: The First Frontier) is a television series based on characters from the Leatherstocking Tales, a set of novels written

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This sprawling family saga takes place where an unfortunate tragedy has glued a family together to pull them through life’s thick and thin moments. Follow

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The cast of the television show Mike Hammer showing on ACE Television Network

Mike Hammer

Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer (later titled The New Mike Hammer), with Stacy Keach in the title role, is an American crime drama television series. The

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Mom P.I.

Widowed mother of two Sally Sullivan meets gruff, street-smart P.I. Bernie Fox and quickly learns that she has a talent for solving mysteries and catching

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Stingray is a drama television series starring Nick Mancuso, who plays the mysterious character known only as Ray, whose trademark is a black 1965 Corvette

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The cast of the television show Tarzan showing on ACE Television Network


Tarzan (played by Ron Ely) is a well-educated character who had grown tired of civilization, and returned to the jungle where he had been raised.

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Tenspeed and Brown Shoe

Two private detectives with their own detective agency in Los Angeles. E. L. (“Early Leroy”) “Tenspeed” Turner (Ben Vereen) is a hustler who worked as

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The cast of the television show The Commish showing on ACE Television Network

The Commish

The Commish is a comedy-drama television series that focuses on the work and home life of a suburban police commissioner in upstate New York. Starring

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The Greatest American Hero

Ralph Hinkley (Katt) is a Los Angeles public school substitute teacher of remedial education high school students. During a school field trip, Ralph encounters extraterrestrials who give him a suit which endows

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The Listener

Toby Logan, a 25-year-old paramedic, uses his secret telepathic ability to help people in crisis. Until now, Toby kept his ability hidden to everyone except

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Tropical Heat

Private investigator Nick Slaughter, an ex-DEA agent, who after arriving in the fictional resort town of Key Mariah, Florida, and setting up a detective agency there, meets

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The cast of the television show Wiseguy showing on ACE Television Network


Wiseguy follows Vincent “Vinnie” Terranova, an undercover agent of the OCB (Organized Crime Bureau), a fictional division of the FBI. The show keeps its focus

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