ACE Television Primetime Lineup

Silk Stalkings -
7:00 & 8:00p (ET)

The series portrays the daily lives of two detectives who solve sexually-based crimes of passion (“silk stalkings”) among the ultra-rich of Palm Beach, Florida. with sex and murder thrown in for good measure. Best friends Rita and Chris are a pair of homicide detectives who battle crime.

Cold Squad -
9:00 & 10:00p (ET)

Sgt. Ali McCormick and her Vancouver Police colleagues in the department’s Homicide Division investigate new leads into previously unsolved cases as part of the titular Cold Squad.

Tropical Heat - 7:00p (ET)

Private investigator Nick Slaughter, an ex-DEA agent, arrives in the fictional resort town of Key Mariah, Florida, and sets up a detective agency there. He meets up with local tourist agent to solve a variety of different cases.

Cracker - 11:00p (ET)

Gerry “Fitz” Fitzgerald is an unconventional but brilliant psychologist, an insulting, nosy, loathsome individual. To be able to pay the bills, he gives lectures at colleges, has a small practice in a mini-mall, and has his own radio show. He also helps the Los Angeles Police Department solve difficult cases, thanks mostly to his own quirks and perversity.

Upcoming Movies

Weekends are for movies on ACE TV! Join us each weekend as we mix classic movies into our lineup of your favorite shows from the 80’s and 90’s. 

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